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References[ edit ] 1. J Infect Dis. Sep; 3 J Nutr.

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In the C-fed mice, a comparable enhancement of mitogen responsiveness with increasing amino acid level of diet was seen, but there was no change in the humoral immune response. These dietary effects on immune responsiveness were immunokális prosztatarák similar in both mousestrains tested. The nutritional efficiency of these diets was normal and similar.

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The immune response of mice fed the L diets, was found to be almost five times higher than that of mice fed the corresponding C diets. The humoral immune response of mice fed C, S, and W diets was substantially lower than that of mice fed stock diet, whereas that of mice fed L diet was higher.

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Little difference in immune responses was noted among mice fed C, S or W protein diets. The principal factor responsible for the observed immune effect does not appear to be the availability or concentration of single essential amino acids but rather the composite effect of the specific amino acid distribution in the protein.

The humoral immune response of immunokális prosztatarák fed the L diet was found to be higher than that of mice fed the C, S and W diets.

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On the other hand, delayed-type hypersensitivity, and splenic cell mitogen responses to phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin A did not differ among mice fed the various diets. Similarly, the type of diet did not appear to influence host resistance to Salmonella typhymurium.

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It is postulated that the type of protein in the diet influences directly the intrinsic capacity of the B lymphocytes to respond to an immunogenic stimulus. To investigate the possible influence of dietary protein type on the supply of B lymphocytes, bone marrow lymphocyte production has been examined by a radioautographic assay of small lymphocyte renewal and an immuno-fluorescent stathmokinetic assay of pre-B cells and their proliferation.

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The humoral response of all mice fed the L diet was found to be higher than that of mice fed the C diet or non purified diet.

Dietary protein type did not affect blood level of minerals and trace metals.

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The free plasma amino acid profile essentially conformed to the amino acid composition of the ingested protein, suggesting that the changes in plasma amino acid profile might be a crucial factor in diet-dependent enhancement or depression of the B-cell response.

The findings indicate that the observed effects of altered dietary protein type on humoral immune responsiveness are not exerted centrally on the rate of primary Immunokális prosztatarák production in the bone marrow, but may reflect changes either in the functional responsiveness of the B lymphocytes themselves or in the processes leading to their activation and differentiation in the peripheral lymphoid tissues.

Clin Invest Med. This effect was manifest after 2 weeks and persisted for at least 8 weeks of dietary treatment.

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After 20 weeks of dimethylhydrazine treatment, the number of plaque forming cells per spleen, following intravenous inoculation with 5 x sheep red blood cells, was nearly three times greater in the whey protein-fed group than in the casein-fed mice although both values were substantially below normal.

After 24 weeks of dimethylhydrazine treatment the incidence of tumors in the whey protein-fed mice was substantially lower than that in mice fed either the casein or Purina diet.

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Similarly, the tumor area was less in the whey protein group in comparison to either the casein or Purina groups, with some difference between casein and Purina groups.

Body weight curves were similar in all dietary groups.

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In conclusion, a whey protein diet appears to significantly inhibit the incidence and growth of chemically induced colon tumors in mice. The study was performed during a limited observation period of 6.

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In mice fed the whey protein-rich diet between 17 months and 20 months of age, the heart tissue and liver tissue immunokális prosztatarák content were enhanced above the corresponding values of the casein diet-fed and Purina-fed mice. Mice fed the whey protein diet at the onset of senescence, exhibited increased longevity as compared to mice fed Purina mouse chow over the 6. The corresponding tenisz fogorvos survival time of mice fed the defined casein diet immunokális prosztatarák almost identical to that of Purina-fed controls.

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Body weight curves were similar in all three dietary groups. Hence, a whey protein diet appears to enhance the liver and heart glutathione concentration in aging mice and to increase longevity over a 6.

Immunokális prosztatarák.

The present study indicates that the observed immunoenhancing effect of the whey protein mixture is dependent on the overall amino acid pattern resulting from the contribution of all its protein components.

Whey protein contains substantially more cysteine than casein. Dietary cysteine is considered to be a rate limiting substrate for the synthesis of glutathione which is necessary for lymphocyte proliferation.